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10 luxury oud fragrance for men and women

Oud, the much-beloved perfume ingredient of the Arab region. It is emerging as a favorite and most-wanted scent element in the west as well. Its oil is also known as liquid gold. One of the most expensive raw ingredients in the perfume-making industry. The attribute of the hefty price tag owes itself to the rare and uncommon origin of agarwood, another name for the woody resin.

The musky-smelling element is a kind of woody resin. It results as an end product of a disease process. A rare event that infects the Aquilaria tree with a mold. The pale-colored wood of the Aquilaria tree is odorless before the infection. It attains a dense and dark character with the progression of the disease. The wood exudes a resin and develops a smell that we know as oud.

There is no other scent ingredient that fetches such a high price as this woody resin. The rare infection and the time taken by the wood to achieve the label are two distinct charisma. They attribute towards the extraordinary price tags oud fragrances boast. Then the tree species are among the endangered living things. The best yield comes from the oldest of trees. Where there is a scarcity of young, old is gold in case of oud.

Though the synthetically-produced versions of agarwood and oil shelf the market.  The raw ingredient does not seem to do away with the inimitability and exclusiveness. The woody agarwood has become a fad that either makes you fall in love with it or you may detest it.

The dark, rich and opaque smell of the subject woody resin is not new. Some of the earliest evidence of its use date back to the third century. The wood of gods as mentioned in some old Chinese scriptures. Its use was quite prevalent in Chinese traditional and religious ceremonies. Arab society saw it as a symbol of status and prestige. With the economic shifts in the world, oud has become a fragrance of royal and celebrated people.

The creative noses of perfume designers like to experiment with different notes. They have created combinations that balance the act among different scents. Yet it is certainly not for the shy among us. So if you do not like its original scent, you can always go for a combo. Different notes make it a more poised fragrance fit for daily wear.

Oud fragrance keep it as a base note. When other notes may dissipate, oud tends to stay longer on the skin. It acts as an excellent fixative for other notes in perfume. A warm, woody balsamic smell which may have a sweet tone to it, it delivers a rich aura to its wearer.

Here are some of the best luxury oud fragrance arrangements for men and women.

  1. Oud and jasmine

The subject combination is oriental in true sense. A duo that takes you to a magical world where carpets come alive to give you a ride to nowhere. It brings a sweet aura of romantic Arabian nights. Where dunes kiss your feet and starry skies lead the way. A place where there is no one to disturb the sweet memories of your precious one. An exotic smell that arouses a mysterious aura. Camel caravans strolling through the silence of the cool desert night towards an unknown destination.

A dark, intense and sensual fragrance where jasmine leads the way followed by warm woody notes.  The resin oil lends a smoky character. It may have an animalic smell with earthy notes. The combination blends the delicate sweet jasmine smell with the intensely rich liquid gold.

Habibi contains one of the best harmonies of these two.  Its jasmine and oud Eau de perfum deliver a clean and fresh smell. It starts with top notes of warmth exuding spices. The tone of the fresh green mellow down the spicy character. The middle notes of jasmine rose and geranium adds a sensual touch. It blends into the decadent base in a smooth manner. A scent for free-spirited souls carrying a depth of personality.

  1. Oud and cinnamon

The romance between cinnamon and other notes is a well-carried affair. The same narration goes for oud and cinnamon. Hot and sensuous cinnamon delivers a deep intoxicating texture to the combination. Cinnamon adds a modern touch to an oud fragrance. Together the two create a sweet sensuous ambiance of an exotic setting.

An oriental category, such scents are strong, rich and dense. They exude a personality that is powerful and elegant with a touch of luxury.  Cinnamon has a sweet and bitter odor. Perfumes containing the subject combination are long-lasting. Cinnamon has an extended after-taste and the smell lingers with a refreshing effect. The combination has an aphrodisiac perception, making it an important night-wear accessory.

Habibi's Harmony Eau de perfum comprises cinnamon as one of the top notes. Other scents like cardamom and fresh greens complement it. Musky smells in the base like patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, and amber last to tease your vibes.

  1. Oud and rose

Feminine and romantic. Two words describe rose the best. The odor profile is clean with a fresh citrusy zeal. The scent of rose carries a woody, powdery or fruity nuance. The agarwood extract brings the soul to a rose fragrance. Elegant, sophisticated, mature and glamorous. The combination is becoming the leading element of many unisex and masculine scents.  The notes play an intriguing part in many florientals, a prevalent fad of the Millennials.

  1. Leather oud

Soft and gentle with a nostalgic feel. Leather is one of the pet combinations for perfumes for either sex. The odor profile is exciting yet comforting. Leather is a sensual, primitive yet natural scent that stimulates old forgotten memories. It contributes fairly to masculine as well as feminine perfumes. Being one of the oldest notes in perfume-making, it goes beautifully with many notes, resinous agarwood is one of them.

If you smell original leather, it has a repelling smell. The leather used in perfumery is an amalgam between floral tones and skin. The leather note takes origin from natural sources or synthetic. The former include birch, juniper, cade oil, styrax, cassia, myrtle, and cistus labdanum. The derivation of the latter is from elements like aldehydes and synthesized suede nuances.  Soft-smelling versions integrate birch with floral notes like vanilla. Spices and herbs often complement the warm composition of these two elements.

  1. Oud and sandalwood

Sandalwood belongs to the woody category. A sylvan note that makes a lavishing accessory to oriental scents. It has a lingering quality with lasting effects. Smooth and rich, it delivers an intoxicating scent ambiance with a sweet note. The balsamic smell goes well with other scent elements. Though woody in character, the smell of sandalwood brings a fresh edge. Being excellent fixative, it adjuncts the act of woody resin as a base note in an oud fragrance. It complements the warm tones of oud fragrance, making it a celebration of woody resins.

An irresistible combination of rich aromas. The mysterious smoky smell of the resin gets an uplift with sandalwood. It makes the pair all more alluring and hypnotic. Addition of notes like spices and tobacco increase the complexity of the fragrance. Tonka bean and amber notes add to the warmth and sensuality of oud fragrance. Sandalwood contributes to the depth of a scent.

  1. Oud with citrus scents

The zing of the citrus notes balances the dark and rich character of woody extract. These notes bring freshness and crispness to oud fragrance. Classy yet majestic, scents of lemon and orange blossom uplift any fragrance. Citrus notes often make the top opening element of oud fragrance. The fresh zesty smell gradually mingles with the heavy musky odor of agarwood. It, thus, balances the richness and density of the latter.

Citrus notes are classic companions of woody and resinous scents. They are important elements of oriental perfumes. They harmonize the sugary-sweet smell with a bit of tartness in florientals.  Some of the citrus notes include:

  • bergamot
  • bitter orange
  • blood orange
  • lemon/lime/lemon zest
  • lemongrass
  • mandarin orange
  • Neroli
  • grapefruit

Habibi desert oud contains fresh citrusy smell as an opening top note. It blends with floral heart scents before finally exuding rich musky smell. Labdanum, Amber, Guaiac wood, Musk, and Patchouli complement the woody odors. A bit of spice and greens lift off the immensity by delivering an edge to the final scent.

  1. Oud and floral scents

Flowery scents as germanium and its likes make a special category called florientals. A balancing act between the enigmatic muskiness and sweet floral scents. The best thing about floral odors is that they cater to a diversity of olfactory profile. Derived via gentle and intricate processes, floral nuances help to mellow rich scents. Be it rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, tuberose, osmanthus, or lavender. They all complement heavy notes as resins and woody balsams. Besides adding a feminine touch, florals find their way to masculine counterparts. Floral notes have a huge part to play in oud fragrances. 

Habibi Desert Oud integrates jasmine, rose, lily of valley and tuberose. The scent delivers a fresh citrusy scent that develops into floral notes. The latter blends with musky agarwood to deliver an elegant scent texture.

  1. Oud and vetiver

A prevalent element of masculine scents. Vetiver belongs to the woody category in perfumery. It has a dry, musky smell with woody character. End features reveal bitter chocolate and smoky odors. It contributes to the intense character of an oud fragrance. Consisting of a cool effect, vetiver extract comes from the roots of the plant. A popular aroma in masculine scents, the odor profile is subtle yet refreshing.

A hint of humble earthiness with a touch of citrus. The leathery vetiver smell has no synthetic version. This high-in-demand extract is excellent fixative owing to high miscibility in perfume ingredients. That is why vetiver pairs up great with oriental and floral extracts. Spice and other root notes like ginger make an intriguing scent profile.

Habibi fragrance range cannot do without this cool scent. Habibi First Glance contains vetiver as a base note along with other woody smells. Habibi Embrace boasts a classic combination of oud and vetiver as base notes. Harmony is an elegant compilation of woody notes with vetiver. So there is a scent for every nose at Habibi's shelf.

  1. Oud and patchouli

An exotic smell with woody character. Patchouli comes from an Indian bush. The oil is known for its earthy, sweet yet dark and woody edge is a popular element of oriental scents. It blends with oud fragrance enhancing its pungent woody smell.  It is the elementary unit of the entire class of perfumes, the chypre fragrances.

The scent of patchouli is herbaceous with a rich green heart and a woodsy base. Fresh young leaves of the plant yield the best oil. The oil develops a fruity character with age, the preferred odor in perfumery.  Oriental sprays, chypre, fougère fragrances, powdery scents make beautiful use of patchouli. Patchouli blends well with vetiver. Both have the same earthy odor profile. Other notes include sandalwood, cedarwood, clove, lavender, rose, labdanum, and of course agarwood.  

Habibi contains a generous frequency of patchouli in its fragrance line.  Harmony, First Glance, Revere, Desert Oud are some of its elegant combinations with various notes.

  1. Oud with pepper and other spices

You will find a spicy contribution in the Habibi range. The reason being its oriental class. It does not merit the description without spicy, floral and woody notes. Used as a top note, spices give an edge to the musky character of the resin. Pink pepper, black pepper, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and basil are few of the spicy and hot notes.

The vivacious spicy scents deliver a warm note to majestic oud fragrance. Comforting yet cheerful, the combination stimulates your soul. Spicy notes make oud fragrance wearable for every day. Yet they feature a distinctive bold touch that makes you stand out from the rest. Oud fragrance with spice does the magic and all.

Tabassum Khan
Tabassum Khan

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