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September 14, 2020 2 min read

A review of Desert Oud, our premier oud cologne, by Fragrantica editor John Biebel.

 Desert Oud is Habibi’s oud cologne targeted towards men of all ages but suitable for any fan of rich woody notes, spices, tobacco, and subtle fruit and green notes.

 John Biebel, an editor at Fragrantica, recently had this to say about it:

 Desert Oud is the most woody of the perfumes from Habibi, a fragrance that has a feeling of familiarity when it's sprayed on. It is an airy wood: not quite a driftwood sensation, but one of wood mixing with a breeze, like a campfire the next day, long after the embers have settled down and grown cold.

 It is also a floral wood, with flashes of jasmine and tuberose definitely present. You can detect a sweet peach at the opening. Speaking of openings, this one is very bright and luminous, starting in with a bold mixture of citruses. There is no heavy oud here, much more aspirated and airy, something that is well suited to autumn. It’s also backed with a gentle rose which is quite beautiful and subtle.

Over the day the fragrance fades to a dusty Virginia cedar, a very sublime "pencil shavings" cedar.

 As oud perfumes go, this treats oud in the desert setting as the sands are at night, when it is cooler and the winds are blowing gently.

 While this perfume is currently sold out, we expect it to be back in stock very soon. Click here to buy or sample.

 John Biebel is a painter, writer, and software designer currently based in Rhode Island. You can read his full review of our line (as of 2020) on Fragrantica.


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