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When people think about choosing a present for their loved ones, there's a reason why fragrance is still a classic option- for both men and women. 

When people think back to their first scent, it is usually one that was given by someone very close to their heart. A perfume is a highly personal present, which is what makes it so thoughtful. Of course, when choosing a scent, you don't have the other person's nose with you so you think about what they like, while keeping their personality in mind. It is almost like expressing the person in scent and thinking about what they remind you of. This process makes choosing a perfume for your loved one the most thoughtful present.

When you give a fragrance to someone, you are telling them how much they mean to you and what they look like in your eyes. It's almost like saying, "I think this scent encapsulates your personality." 

Why Perfume?

From the Egyptian-Roman period, perfumes have always been considered a wonderful present to show your affection and appreciation for a loved one. Universally, many people recognize perfume as an emotional gift. 

Giving someone a fragrance shows that you have put a lot of thought into what kind of scent they may like or what compliments them best. You take the time out to identify the person's favorite accords, notes, and preferences, and come with something you think they would appreciate. Your loved one will wear that perfume every day, all the while thinking of you. There is nothing closer to someone than the way they want themselves to smell. That's why giving someone a fragrance is a sign of affection. 


Perfumes are versatile enough to be given to loved ones on any occasion, whether it is a birthday, formal congratulating event, anniversary, or something you want to give to a co-worker before moving on to the next chapter of your life- you can never go wrong with a fragrance.

Think about how you would feel if someone went back to their homeland and got you a souvenir or a space of their land. Something as personal as this would hit you right in the feels, making you feel overwhelmed. Every time you use that scent, you will be reminded of how someone close to your heart gave it to you on a special occasion.

That is another reason why fragrances make the best presents- they act to engrave nostalgic memories. It is almost like a rewind button in disguise, taking you back to the sunflower field where the love of your life proposed to you or to the dusty school compounds where you met some of the most important people in your life or when you held your first baby in your arms. The best thing you can gift someone is a memory- a treasured reminiscence that never fails to make them smile.

What to Consider When Gifting Your Loved One a Fragrance

You must pay special attention to three categories of notes when understanding a fragrance. This means predicting the outcome of the scent from the first few minutes it is applied all the way to the last stretch. Here are the notes enveloped in a bottle of perfume:

Top or Head Notes

Top notes are the very first fragrances released when the scent is sprayed. Usually, it remains on the skin for a couple of minutes and then starts to dissipate, leaving behind faint notes.

Top notes give the first impression of the scent- usually the selling point of most perfume brands. These can be spicy and citrusy and normally last for a couple of minutes before they settle down and blend with the other scents.

Middle Notes

This is the scent emitted when the top notes start to dissipate. The middle notes of a fragrance are usually more mellow and rounded to the nose.

They use the familiar scent of rose, jasmine, and lavender- basically, a delicate, fresh scent. Middle notes last for an hour or two.

Base Notes

Base notes are the heart of any perfume. They blend with the middle notes, making the scent of the fragrance extraordinary. You will find that the base notes usually have the heaviest scents, like sandalwood, Oud, musk, amber, and vanilla.

These are rich and deep scents that blend with the rest of the fragrance to product a scent like you have never experienced before. Depending on the concentration of the perfume, base notes help the fragrance linger on the skin for several hours or days.

The dry-down is when all the fragrances merge into one. Usually, the scent of a perfume will change with every passing hour. You may have often wondered why a scent smells different on you than it does on your loved ones. The dry-down is responsible for this as it determines how the perfume will blend with the person's skin chemistry. 


They say that you cannot preserve or measure love. However, at HABIBI we believe that a fragrance can reflect a billion hues of love, to make a forever memory. 

Rameen Shakil
Rameen Shakil

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