Sage & Citrus Oud | EDP 2.5 FL. Oz.

New Fragrance Launch Collection

Inspired by a royal night sky, Sage & Citrus Oud's diverse array of notes sweeps the wearer across a broad canvas. Lemon and Orange notes are made more interesting by two surprise pairings: green Armoise and Cumin oil, the invigorating citrus notes blend brilliantly with the spicy kick of black pepper which lead into aromatic notes of lavender, geranium, and sage. Sensual earthy elements like patchouli and vetiver are balanced with a rich and mysterious combination of cedar and oud woods, creating an exotic complexity which will dance off the skin for hours. 

Perfumer: Santosh Shinde

Top: Armoise Oil Morocco, Lemon, Orange Oil, Cumin Seed Oil

Heart: Lavender, Geranium, Sage, Black Pepper Oil Madagascar Orpur®

Base: Patchouli Oil Decolor Indonesia Orpur®, Vetiver Oil Indonesia Orpur®, Cedarwood Oil Virginia USA Orpur®, Oud

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