Oud Explorer Collection | Set of 3 Fragrances

Explore the Desert, the Oasis, and the City with the HABIBI New York Oud Explorer Collection. Three spectacular Oud Fragrances to match every experience of your travel, from the sandy warm Desert and the shady green Oasis to the smokey, sweet and leathery lounge.

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A journey into the Arabian Desert can start right where you are. DESERT OUD is a bold, masculine fragrance by HABIBI. This is a remarkable fragrance for the strong and adventurous. Desert Oud allows you to get in touch with the Tribal Hunter in you. A fragrance, that will linger long after its application; it has to…you've a long trek ahead.

The inspiration behind Desert Oud was to capture the aroma of rain's first drops upon the desert's warm sand. It begins with mystique as rich, woody notes mingle with musk, leather and pipe tobacco. The woody undertones and hints of smoke and musk are accented by splashes of spicy black pepper and clove creating quite the unique experience. The earthy, spicy, woodsy undertones are then spontaneously interrupted with hints of fresh greens, jasmine and peach.  This fragrance can truly, only be Appreciated by Experiencing it! 

A truly unique, masculine scent that really sits in its own league in the myriad of Oud fragrances. Take a first class journey through the Arabian Desert!

Top: Citrus, Peach, Clove, Pink Pepper, Green Leaves

Heart: Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Tuberose

Base: Oud, Benzoin, Labdanum, Amber, Guaiacwood, Musk, Patchouli



Oasis Oud is inspired by the sweetness of water after a long tiring trek through the desert; the coolness and shade of the palm trees from the hot, beating sun;  the green, lush grass to relax on and rest a bit before continuing forth on one's journey. Oasis Oud captures the feeling we get when we find the perfect, sweet spot to relax our body, revitalize our mind and reawaken our senses to progress forward.

Filled with contrasted textures of dew, light, and mist, this aroma takes your senses on a mesmerizing journey. With unique raspberry leaf and earthy moss,
the essence of nature is intensified with sensual leather, skin musk, complex oud,
and a sweetly decadent tonka note.

Top: Raspberry Leaf, Cistus Oil Spain Orpur®

Heart: Peony, Jasmine, Leather, Patchouli Heart Oil Indonesia Oil®

Base: Cypriol Oil India Orpur®, Cedarwood Oil Virginia Orpur®, Musk, Oud, Tonka



Sweet and smokey, spicy and herbaceous, Honeyed Tobacco & Oud's most addictive quality is its contrasts. A grounding blend of pink peppercorn and sage cools the innate energy of bergamot and the warmth of cinnamon. But as that perfectly-balanced opening dries down, another set of contrasts take over: the familiar masculine-leaning geranium note, full of dewy freshness, is surrounded by sweet honeyed and vanilic notes of tobacco, and guaiacwood. Finally, the fragrance warms completely on the skin as a sumptuous blend of leather, amber, oud and coffee blooms for hours.

Perfumer : Amelie Jacquin

Top: Bergamot, Sage, Cinnamon, Pink Peppercorn

Heart: Geranium, Honeyed Tobacco, Guaiacwood

Base: Dry Amber, Leather, Labdanum, Coffee, Oud accord