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5 Tips On Choosing Your Perfect Fragrance

1. Intend To Have A Signature Scent

The first step with anything is to make the intention. You have to intend to have a signature scent before you can find the one that is best for you. A signature scent is defined as a pleasant smell that is associated strongly with a specific person. It becomes a part of your identity just like your name and face.

2. Pick A Unique Scent

Don't pick a scent that is already worn by too many people. When someone enters a room that you have just exited, there should be no doubt you were there. If someone were to guess if it was you or one of the other 25 colleagues that wear that fragrance, then it is not a signature scent. If you are tempted to buy the smell that is all over the department store... stop yourself right there!

3. Know Your Notes

Notes are the ingredients that make a fragrance and they overlap between fragrances ALOT! This is because some things just smell amazing, like roses. But just like every rose is different, its use in every fragrance is different. Do not be deterred by seeing the same flower or wood or fruit across fragrances. Rather, know which notes settle well on you and find the fragrance that is blended to grant you that perfect signature scent.

4. Choose A Long-Lasting Fragrance

How can you have a signature fragrance if it will fade away in minutes? There are plenty of fragrances you may find that tick the first 3 boxes mentioned above but it doesn't just end at finding a unique, beautiful smell. A signature scent has to be long-lasting so that it stays with your throughout most of your day. The only way to get that is to get a fragrance made with premium ingredients

5. Make It Your Scent

Now that the hard part of choosing a signature scent is done, you have to learn how to make it YOURS. This is pretty easy as all you have to do is wear your signature scent everyday. It's okay once in a while to switch it up, but your "smell" should be associated with your presence. Remember to make your presence memorable!

Rose Amor | For Her EDP 2.5 fl. oz. & Body Lotion fl. 4 o.z
Rose Amor | For Her EDP 2.5 fl. oz. & Body Lotion fl. 4 o.z
Rose Amor | For Her EDP 2.5 fl. oz. & Body Lotion fl. 4 o.z
Rose Amor

Rose Amor


The room is filled with bouquets of musk roses in a profusion of plush petals shading from palest pink to velvety burgundy. Candlelight flickers on crystal chandeliers, like the lightest touch of citrus blossoms and ripe grapefruit. All eyes turn to her as she enters the room, as beautiful as the shimmering notes of precious amber and Kashmir Fusion that linger on her skin. For the sought-after woman

The inspiration behind Rose Amor was the ‘Jardines de la Rosaleda, the magnificent Rose Garden in Madrid, Spain’ – An impressive garden that houses all kinds of roses in various, colors, and scents.

Rose Amor is for the woman who is free-spirited and appreciates the small joys of life.

An alluring velvety rose is intertwined with sweet powdery touches of heliotrope and peach blossom enveloped with a musky veil, creamy sandalwood and textured ambers. 

Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Neroli, Peach Blossom

Heart: Rose, Helitrope

Base: Musks, Kashmir Fusion, Sandalwood, Amber, Cedarwood

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ROSE AMOR Review by Kelsey

"This perfume smells AMAZING.....It is such a fresh fragrance and so Long Lasting."

ROSE AMOR Review by Kelly

"When I am getting ready to go out, nothing makes me feel more beautiful than my ROSE AMOR! I get complimented on it ALL the time, which makes me feel AMAZING"

ROSE AMOR Review by Kelly

"When I am getting ready to go out, nothing makes me feel more beautiful than my ROSE AMOR! I get complimented on it ALL the time, which makes me feel AMAZING"

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“Fragrance Lasting: All day scent!
Habibi NY is superb!
 "I absolutely love the scent of Rose Amor! It is warm, sensual, and lasts all day! I get so many compliments throughout the day, plus I can still smell the scent by the end of the evening! The customer service is impeccable and the packaging divine! There are many scents to choose from. I bought the sample set for women to try and knew right away Read more about review stating Habibi NY is superb! that rose amor was my favorite. I highly recommend Habibi NY. I prefer warm scents in the fall and winter, and fresh scents in the spring and summer. There is a scent for everyone, and now they even have lotions! A must try if you love perfume! I am extremely pleased with my purchases! "

- Lisa L.

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