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Desert Oud EDP | 2.5oz

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Warm, Spicy, Woody

Nose: Dominique Bouley


Key Notes: Oud, Peach, Amber, Green Leaves, Musk

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Scent Description

Desert Oud begins with mystique as rich, woody notes mingle with musk, leather, and pipe tobacco.

The woody undertones and hints of smoke and musk are accented by splashes of spicy black pepper and clove, creating an exotic blend of scents.

The earthy, spicy, woodsy undertones are then spontaneously interrupted with hints of fresh greens, jasmine, and peach.

Opening: Citrus, Peach, Clove, Pink Pepper, Green Leaves

Heart: Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Tuberose

Dry Down: Oud, Benzoin, Labdanum, Amber, Guaiacwood, Musk, Patchouli

To capture the aroma of rain's first drops upon the desert's warm sand.

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Nima K. | Verified Buyer

Oud With Character

The biggest appeal of Habibi’s Desert Oud for me is it’s simplicity. It smells the way an oud fragrance is supposed to smell. Simple and pleasant. 

As a comparison, you can try some other more famous and expensive houses, but their oud fragrances are often overloaded with too many things. Take for example MFK’s Oud and Oud Satin Mood. Expensive. Sophisticated. But confusing. You’re not sure which way the fragrance wants to go. Is it romantic or mysterious? Is it sweet or Oudy? Too many ingredients overshadow the main element. Instead of enjoying the scent, you start thinking about “where have I smelled this before” or “this is similar to perfume x or y”. 

With Habibi’s Desert Oud, you don’t get that. It’s simple. Pleasant. Calm. Pensive. There are no competing notes trying to overpower each other. There is no fight over the identity of the scent. The fragrance is not trying to be something else. It knows what it is. And it smells sedatory and soothing. Like the silence and tranquility of an undiscovered remote ancient desert sanctuary.

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Raymond S. | Verified Buyer

Is This Love?

A sublime collection that tantalizes the senses with comfort and warmth. I ordered this gift collection for myself thinking “how good could it be”? It surpassed all my expectations! The face cream is pure luxury! Desert Oud Is the finest example of a Oud fragrance on the market today in my opinion. It last all day and changes in the most delightful ways. 

I had waited for a year to try this fragrance and I really should have tried it sooner. The quality of this product is amazing for the price. I have many other Designer fragrances that smell wonderful but there is something about this formulation that is very unique! I can’t stop smelling my own wrists. Will be purchasing more from Habibi for sure!

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John M. | Verified Buyer

Blown Away

Really didn't know what to expect. I've blind ordered before and had mixed results. This time I had a gut feeling about this cologne based on the description and such and I was correct. Dessert Oud smelled just like I hoped it would. I am not disappointed. I'm very picky on my cologne types and this one will be one of my top five....

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"Not For Wimps, The Passionless, 

or Faint of Heart."

"It's a fragrance so potent and unique that I didn't know what to make of it at first. 

Once it mellowed to its exotic woody scent with spicy, leathery undertones and just enough sweetness to balance the olfactory bouquet, I was ready to go strolling through the crowd like Peter Lorre contemplating a crime."

- Richard K.

 Verified Buyer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every Habibi fragrance comes with a sample, so that you can try before you open the package.

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Shipping is $10. Due to the high shipping costs of heavy bottles of liquid, shipping is only free over $125. While Desert Oud with a discount is $114, you can add a $30 Oud Discovery Set to your order to save $10 for shipping.

While we cannot guarantee performance based on the individual, customers have reported that the fragrance typically lasts long enough for 8+ hours.

Habibi fragrances are exceptional in their use of very high dosage – all fragrances are minimum 25% and some are 30% dosage. This means that it will last longer on the skin, have a bigger presence, and that you can use less overall.

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