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I've Spent $4,729.53 In The Last 5 Years On Various Ouds and Finally Found My Holy Grail.

The search for my favorite Oud has been tough. 

Designer Ouds like 'Sauvage Dior' typically left me disappointed and wanting more.

Arabian Ouds were powerful and potent, but way too overwhelming and something I could only enjoy for myself. 

Niche Ouds were a hit or miss. Some I loved, some I hated. But what they all shared in common was how much I had to pay. 

I tried this fragrance based on one of their ads on an impulsive whim- little did I know that this fragrance would blow me away. 

6 Reasons Why I Consider Desert Oud My New Signature Scent.

Jay L. | May 2022

1. I Can Actually Wear it Outside

Let's all agree on one thing. Oud can be quite... a polarizing smell. It isn't something I would ever wear to a date, except perhaps the watered-down versions from mainstream brands. 

That is until I tried Desert Oud. While the Oud was strong and distinctive, it wasn't too musky or overwhelming. There's a freshness in the top and middle notes of the fragrance that balances and elevates the entire experience. 

2. It Smells Amazing

Desert Oud has this exotic and masculine scent that screams dominance yet has a lightness to it that balances the whole thing out. In the three months I've been wearing it, I've received a mind-numbing amount of compliments- from coworkers asking me what I was wearing to random strangers in the elevator telling me how intoxicating I smell. But most importantly...

3. It's One of My Fiance's Favorite

Of all the fragrances I've collected, I've noticed my partner mostly enjoy 'blue' fragrances like 'Chanel de Bleu' or 'YSL Y.' Imagine my surprise when she told me how seductive I smelled. She described it as 'a mysterious, sweet, and exotic spice that draws you in.' Which is fine except she won't stop following me everywhere.

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4. What Real Oud Should Smell Like

The biggest appeal of Desert Oud for me is its simplicity. It smells the way an Oud is supposed to smell. 

Simple and pleasant. 

As a comparison, you can try some other more famous and expensive houses, but their Ouds are often overloaded with too many things. Take for example 'MFK’s Oud' and 'Oud Satin Mood.' 

Expensive. Sophisticated. 

But confusing. You’re not sure which way the fragrance wants to go. 

Is it romantic or mysterious? 

Is it sweet or Oud-y? 

Too many ingredients overshadow the main element. Instead of enjoying the scent, you start thinking about “where have I smelled this before” or “this is similar to perfume x or y”. 

With Desert Oud, you don’t get that. 

It’s simple. 




No competing notes are trying to overpower each other. There is no fight over the identity of the scent. It's not trying to be something else. It knows what it is. And it smells sedative and soothing. Like the silence and tranquility of an undiscovered remote ancient desert sanctuary

5. Surprisingly Affordable

When I first saw the price for this, I was skeptical. Prices I was used to seeing at this point were Niche Ouds that were in the $200 - $400 range. Some even more than that. 

So when I saw Desert Oud only in the hundreds, I was downright suspicious. I held off for a couple of days, hunting for trades, but ended up just pulling the trigger. 

I half expected the cheap artificial smells you get with low-quality frags. When I got it, I opened the bottle, sprayed, took a sniff, and it blew me away. There was absolutely nothing about this scent I could describe as cheap. 

6. It Lasts Forever

The longevity of this fragrance has been insane so far. Many mainstream Ouds barely last. I put this on before my shift, and come home to my partner telling me how much she missed how I smell. What is that... 8 hours? 

Sold Out 3x

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