Oasis Oud | EDP 2.5 fl. oz.

2021 New Fragrance Launch Collection

After a long, tiring journey over the warm sand of the Sahara Desert or trekking through the breezy, dry nights of the Sonoran Desert there is only one thing on your mind.. finding an oasis. The oasis, a wonderous creation of nature is by no means limited to just its external beauty and phenomena but when taking an arduous journey through the desert, it is essential. 

Oasis Oud is inspired by the sweetness of water after a long tiring trek through the desert; the coolness and shade of the palm trees from the hot, beating sun;  the green, lush grass to relax on and rest a bit before continuing forth on one's journey. Oasis Oud captures the feeling we get when we find the perfect, sweet spot to relax our body, revitalize our mind and reawaken our senses to progress forward.

Filled with contrasted textures of dew, light, and mist, this aroma takes your senses on a mesmerizing journey. With unique raspberry leaf and earthy moss,
the essence of nature is intensified with sensual leather, skin musk, complex oud,
and a sweetly decadent tonka note.

Perfumer: Christine Hassan

Top: Raspberry Leaf, Cistus Oil Spain Orpur®

Heart: Peony, Jasmine, Leather, Patchouli Heart Oil Indonesia Oil®

Base: Cypriol Oil India Orpur®, Cedarwood Oil Virginia Orpur®, Musk, Oud, Tonka

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