Where are HABIBI Fragrances made?
HABIBI fragrances are proudly made in New York, NY by our team of world renowned multi FIFI award winning perfumers.

How long do HABIBI Fragrances last on the skin and what are the main notes?
HABIBI fragrances are produced with the highest quality essential oil and innovative synthethic ingredients. Masterfully blended by our team of perfumers and bottled in exquisite French glass bottles and handmade packaging in New York. HABIBI fragrances are very long lasting due to the high concentration of fragrance oil load and depending on the application you will surely experience a good lasting period. For details on the fragrance notes please visit www.forhabibi.com and click on the individual fragrances.

Do HABIB fragrances contain Alcohol?
HABIBI Fragrances contain Denatured Alcohol which is synthetic, non-intoxicating and inedible. It is a standard which is widely used in Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical applications. It is permissible to use.

Can my order be gift wrapped?
Yes. We can certainly gift wrap your order, please mention ‘Gift Wrap’ in the comments when ordering.

Are samples available?
Yes. We can mail you vial sized samples as well as scented cards free. Please contact us provide us with your name and shipping address.